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Thursday, February 7, 2019


Just wondering how many of my friends have had dreams that come true.  I know I have had a few, I have even had dreams that I could totally control which was a lot of fun.  So please share with me any dreams you have had and I could share mine.  Would love to hear about them.

Thursday, January 10, 2019


I have had waking dreams, or visions.  I often wondered what they were or how they happen.  To be someplace else without truly being there. At first I would try to convince myself that it was just part of my imagination, that my mind was trying to create something out of thin air.  Once I would convince myself of that I would find out that the vision I had truly happened and I knew this by approaching the person that was in my waking dream and telling them what I saw.

They would be shocked, asked if I had been spying on them, or if someone else had seen them and they told me about it.  But the detail I would give them could not be explained by just some spy session or a glimpse of some one's eye. 

Science likes to give reasons to why such visual hallucination happen. Brain damage such as small cuts that straddle the cerebral peduncles, or some mid brain structure that controls motor systems and seizures is firing incorrectly is some of the explanations used. So science is saying that a damaged brain is misfiring or firing off to little or to much,  basically that visions come from small seizures or brain damage. 

I am not going to say I don't believe this because after all I flew out of a window when I was a small child.  So what I do believe is that our own normal brains are built to avoid seeing beyond and once there is "damage" we see what the normal brain wouldn't see at all.  To me that is not damage, just a rewire of neurons. 

I also believe that there are those born with their brains wired in this way, it is why they can see things happening far away from them, or maybe even see things that have not even happened yet.  A brain is a very powerful tool that most of us don't use to its potential I can't even imagine what are world would be like if all of us did. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Tell me your story

Please post a comment, would love to hear if anyone has had similar things happen to them.  I believe that there is more to life than what we can see or hear, and would love to hear some validation to what might be out there.

Strange Sounds & Smells

I was in the basement of my grandmother's home, she had long passed on but my Dad and Sister lived in her home.  I was helping my sister with laundry and we were busy talking about life's problems and folding.  

My sister always left the intercom on and we could hear anything that was going on upstairs.  All the kids were at school and the house was silent except for our chats and the dryer spinning.

Our conversation was interrupted by the sound of two people talking upstairs.  I turned to my sister and asked if she had left the television on but she said no.  She then told me that the conversation I was hearing happened all the time, you could faintly hear what sounded like a man and woman having a quiet dispute.

My sister without any question believed it to be our grandparents having a small argument and all I could do was stare at the intercom with amazement.  I only wished I could make out what they were talking about but it was to difficult to hear.

Soon after my sister said that it was grandma and I felt the same, I smelt her facial cream as if she just walked right by us.  I then said to my sister, "do you smell that?"  and she said "all the time."  My grandmother loved Merle Norman make-up and cleansers and she used them everyday.  The sent brought back so many memories of her and I felt at peace knowing she was watching over everyone.

Great Grandpa's Visit

As a small child I lived in the home that my great grandparents had raised their children in.  So many times I could feel someone standing behind me, hear voices, or smell something that I should not have been there based on where I was standing.  

I was laying in bed one night, I shared a room with my younger sister and I could see her laying in her usual way, curled upward bum side up.  My parents room sat close and the only way out of their room was by a door that lead to ours.  I could see both of them laying together and hear my dad snoring.  

The house was cold, old and lacked any form of new.  Our ceiling was bent like a barn which made the entrance to my parents room odd, the door laid into the curve of our room.  For some reason I was having a hard time falling asleep that night and was looking at the light coming in from our window which was dim because it was only one street light, we lived miles out from the city. 

Of course as a small child the dark was scary and at times it was true that I could see things that parents say is imagination, but what I saw that night was not just some shadow laying in the corners of my eyes, or some creepy sound that old houses make as they settle deeper into the soils.  

There was a glass knob on a door that lead to the basement, the only place where there was a bathroom, like I said the house was old and the bathroom was added just to avoid using a outhouse. The knob could wiggle around cause it really didn't latch shut anymore, so we use a hook lock to keep it closed.  

I heard the knob clashing against the wood and it lingered like someone digging through a junk drawer, it was always very loud anytime anyone had to get up to use the bathroom, but like I said I could see my sister butt side up sleeping and could see both of my parents laying side by side happily snoring.  The noise frighten me and I could feel my heart race and I tightened my grip on the covers just in case I needed to use them for protection.   

Within seconds I heard glass shatter and was truly wishing with all my mind that someone had not broke into our home.  I waited for the person who had dropped glass to move and it wasn't long until I could hear the sound of feet scuffing along an old wooden floor.  I knew if that person entered the living room the alarm would go off, my dad was a bit of a technology guru. 

The shuffle continued like a slow moving sand block across a piece of wood, and it got louder like the sand block was being pressed harder, and I knew whoever it was, was getting closer to where I was at.  The alarm had not went off so I laid there bug eyed and nervous to the sounds being swallowed by my ears.  

The stairs creaked and I could see what I thought was a flashlight guiding the way, but I was wrong.  With each step the light grew and I knew at that point that what I was seeing was not of this world.  The large light lit up the corner of the room as it stood at the top of the stairs.  It didn't move any closer.  It was as if it was watching me as I was it and whatever it was could sense my fear and didn't was to scare me any further.  

I used my blanket as a tent, I was in fear it was going to come close to me. I closed my eyes and prayed to God to take it away.  I told him that it scared me whether or not it was good or evil and I just didn't want it there.  I peeked one eye from under the cover and it was gone.  I was so happy that God heard me cause I didn't want to uncover myself to see it standing over my bed. I didn't want to see a face or the lack of one.  

The next day I told my mom what had happened and that I didn't come and get her cause I was afraid to get out of my bed.  I thought for sure I was going to hear her tell me I must have been dreaming or maybe just my wild imagination but that's not what she said at all.  Her eyes looked shocked and she told me that her grandfather use to can food and keep it in the basement, and that he always wore slippers around the house that made a scuffing noise when he walked.  

Monday, October 5, 2015

The White Lady

In the islands of the Philippines in the province of Bataan there is the story of the "White Lady". The story goes that on the main road of the Naval Bay, Subic Bay from the main base to the navy hospital the main road is very long (about 10 miles) and very dark. The road is extremely straight as it goes through the very dense jungle. As people drive along this road back and forth between the main base and the hospital there have been reports of a White Lady that appears on the road. The White Lady appears looking for her child who was killed along with the White Lady in a very tragic accident that killed everyone.

Everyone on the navy base knew of the story and the legend of the White Lady. Most just dismissed it as a ghost story and most of the Filipinos believed in the story and did not discount it. There is an actual police report from the early 60's that details an almost exact accident. The people driving the road report seeing the White Lady and there have been single car accidents caused by people swerving in an attempt to not hit the White Lady on the road.

One night while on duty myself and another person were driving along the road. About half way to the hospital this White Lady appeared right in front of our jeep. I slammed on the brakes and came to a stop about two feet from the White Lady. We sat there a few seconds and the other person for some reason hollered out "what are you doing, what do you want?" ...and I kid you not this apparition or whatever it was called out in this strange and creepy voice..."I need my baby."...my buddy says to this thing "we don't have your baby and we haven't seen it." This White Lady just disappeared into the air, like a vapor.

Of course we were scared out of our minds. I stepped on the gas and we left to the hospital just as fast as the jeep would go. When we got to the hospital for our night inspection we discussed telling someone, but we thought better of it as our superiors would not believe us or would accuse us of drinking on duty, so we kept our mouths shut. However, I did share the experience with some of my close American and Filipino friends and they completely believed my story... especially those that had driven the road themselves and seen her.

I am now almost 62 years old and for the last 40 years I have never forgotten that experience, and I am completely convinced that I saw what I saw and heard what I heard that night. and no one will convince me otherwise.

Copyright 2015 Todd Frye

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Bizarre and Unusual Beckons

The world is filled with wondrous things that cannot be easily understood or explained. Most of us live our life without expanding our belief system or our radius of awareness, and when we are pressed to do either, many of us find the road impossible to tread.

The bizarre and unusual news, articles, videos, and other curiosities that we'll bring to this blog will come mostly by research on the Internet and local libraries. We will provide references when and where appropriate and we welcome your comments on them. In addition, we welcome you to contribute to our blog as well as send us links to other interesting items that we might want to feature.

As we build this blog, we welcome your participation.